S-cube customer support

Customer Supports for Considering S-cube Sensors


Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kits and control software are prepared so that various types of S-cube sensors can be easily evaluated and examined by customers. A probe type evaluation board with sensors mounted on a flexible substrate is also prepared. The product can be easily verified by mounting it on an existing product housing, so that development can be speeded up.

Layout Support

For a proper magnetic sensor operation of the customer's product, it is important to arrange the device, magnets, and magnetic parts. AKM provides optimal parts layout support to customers through its know-how accumulated through many years of experience.

Magnetic Simulation

AKM supports customers with magnetic simulations, such as the fact that we cannot verify the actual machine because of the lack of components at the product concept stage, the desire to verify the principle of the performance of the magnets that are scheduled to be used, and the desire to observe the effects of magnetic materials.


AKM develops drivers to use sensors on various platforms/OSs and also develops GUIs and software algorithms to maximize S-cube sensor capability on applications.

Stable Mass-production 

AKM has established a system that allows customers to continue to supply everything from niche applications, where shipments are low, to applications, such as smartphone components, where sudden and enormous quantities are required.