Demo kit video for

rotation / stroke / push / pull detection


Video overview

This video explains some examples of the AK09970 detection that can be used in factory automation and various actuators.

Tri-axis magnetic sensor, the AK09970 can detect rotation, stroke, push, and pull by simple combination with magnets, and also can be placed in a variety of positions, including top, bottom, right, and left, with respect to magnets.

This video introduces demonstrations of detecting various movements using a simple combination of magnets and the AK09970, and explains examples of position detection of rotation / stroke/XYZ, including magnetic field waveforms of magnets. We also introduce the magnet materials, sizes, distances to sensors, etc. used in this demonstration. For Engineers who find it difficult to image magnetic sensors and tri-axis sensors, please refer to this video and realize your idea.

Introduction of demo (about 4 minutes)

  1. Rotation + Push detection
  2. Stroke detection
  3. Rotation detection
Rotation + Push detection
Stroke detection
Rotation detection

※Some of the content overlaps with the webinar held at TECHNO-FRONTIER Virtual Exhibition 2020 (September 9th).


Demo kit video for rotation/stroke/push/pull detection

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