Advantages of S-cube sensor core technology

Technology Key Words

Here are some technology key words that often appear when you use sensors.

Tri-axis magnetic sensor

  • A tri-axis magnetic sensor is a sensor that can detect a magnetic field from any direction (X, Y, Z axes) applied to the sensor. In AKM, it is a group of products called "3-axis Magnetic Sensor" and "3D Magnetic Sensor."

Magnetic flux density

  • Magnetic field strength (H) multiplied by magnetic permeability (μ) is called magnetic flux density (B). The unit of magnetic flux density is generally Tesla [T]. 

Sensor sensitivity

  • In the case of a sensor with digital output, it refers to the minimum value of the magnetic field change required to change the output by one code. For example, in the case of a sensor whose sensitivity is "1.1 [μT / LSB]", when a magnetic field change of 1.1 [μT] occurs, the sensor's output code changes for the first time. This is synonymous with the resolution.