What's S-cube ?

Introduction of AKM tri-axis magnetic sensor brand "S-cube"

What's S-cube ?

S-cube is a representation of AKM's tri-axis sensor philosophy, technology and sales records.


Read and understand the actual state of magnetic fields

Do you think that "magnetic fields" can only be used for detecting two states such as switch ON/OFF?

By expanding the way of understanding the magnetic fields from 2D to 3D, the usage scene can be expanded dramatically.

We hope that you will have a deeper understanding of "magnetic fields" and use them more conveniently.


Technology of "Quarterly"

AKM's strength is the integration of ASIC circuit technology, production technology, software technology, and consulting ability.

ASIC circuitry technology

Based on the design know-how and process technology accumulated at our semiconductor factories, we are refining the key circuit technologies such as unique high precision characteristic correction circuit, low-power low-noise circuit, and high speed magnetic field sampling circuit, which are required for tri-axis magnetic sensors.

Production technology

High sensitivity Si-Hall and magnetic concentrator technology provide a large amount of ultra-compact and high-quality tri-axis magnetic sensors in a stable manner.

Software technology

In addition to device technologies, AKM also provides software that is essential for realizing applications such as magnetic offset estimation and Soft-iron ompensation. 

Consulting ability

We also provide technical consulting support for magnetic design backed by many years of experience. 

Market performance

Long-term sales record and overwhelming share

Electronic compass

AKM's electronic compass has been used since the beginning of the smartphone market as a heading application for navigation applications. Currently, among smartphones with built-in electronic compass worldwide, our electronic compass is adopted for more than 70% of smartphones. AKM has established a lot of know-how and overwhelming market share.

Tri-axis magnetic sensors

In addition to smartphones, tri-axis magnetic sensors are widely used in applications such as window opening / closing detection, cylinder stroke detection, joysticks, fine metal detection, and AR / VR motion detection. Our motto is to build a convenient world with tri-axis magnetic sensors.